Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today was Vinny's first try with carrots. As you can see from the video he enjoys them. I don't know who was enjoying themselves more Leo or Vinny.

Vincent started eating since right before Christmas when he passed his swallow study. He has had cereal, sweet peas, and now carrots. He has absolutely no interest in the bottle, so we will continue with the feeding tube. We are in the process of getting a broncoscopy and larangoscopy done by his ENT- pending those results, we will meet with the GI doc to further discuss G-tube placement. The GI doc wanted the broncoscopy to see if he is aspirating with the ng tube secondary to his reflux. If he is, they will do a fundal placation at the time of G-tube placement to help with the reflux.

For the most part, V's reflux is under control with medication- no more projectile puking and crying out. I am so happy for this as I felt so bad for V and the pain he was in. I was also tired of doing laundry 100 times a day.

As far as his vision goes, he has glasses which he received right before Thanksgiving. I think they have helped him out as he seems to be more engaged with the environment when he has them on. Many folks have asked how the eye doc can tell if he needs glasses, so I will do my best to describe what he did. V's eyes were dilated twice because they are such a dark brown. The eye doc then shined a light on his retina and based the prescription of the lenses off of how the light reflected back through the little lenses he held in front of his eye. Quite amazing. I guess he is pretty nearsighted (having a hard time seeing far away).

We try to keep the glasses on him when he is awake- he sure doesn't mind them or intentionally try to take them off.

As far as V's hearing goes- he under went a sedated hearing test a few months back and it was determined that he was mild to moderately hearing impaired. The ENT is trying to have another one done when he goes into scope him. I feel that he is hearing a little bit better as Vinny will turn to look at me know when I stand behind him and talk to him. He is also making a ton more noises. I am sure hearing aides will be in the works at some point. Poor kid- won't be able to hold his head up with all of the devices on his head. Oh well whatever we need to do, we will do it.

I just love this little guy!


  1. Nearsighted...just like his Aunt Ami. There's nothing wrong with that! :)

  2. Vincent asked me to tell you that he wants ice -cream and candy next!! Thanks for sharing your lives with me!

  3. Stacey, what a beautiful family you have, what a blessing. You are so right about a mothers instinct. Everytime we left Kiel at college I cried and told Tony "I am so afraid something is going to happen to him". I just had a feeling, but me being the worrier that I am, Tony just thought I was over-reacting. Listen to your instinct even if people think your nuts (lol). Somehow I will have to find a way to let another child go off to college and I don't know how I am going to do it.

    Take care of your beautiful family, enjoy every minute you have with them and continue to take lots of pictures and videos. I am so greatful for all the pictures and videos that we have of Kiel.

    Love you

  4. yea! mmm,carrots! This is so exciting for lil V as Kenny and I pray for him everyday:)

    Talk soon, Mel

  5. How adorable! Vin seemed to like the carrots and he did really well with them. He is doing great and you are doing such a great job Staci!