Friday, March 27, 2009

in memory of...

My Aunt Pat Schumacher

My aunt Pat passed away of a heart attack Wednesday morning unexpectedly! What a shock! She sure will be missed...I will always remember her as a fun loving person who always had something positive to say! She had the best laugh!
My heart goes out to her family. They will be in my thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time! I can NOT imagine my life with out my mother! Or what I would do if my boys lost their grandma!

I have been thinking alot about this over the past few days and realize how much I take life and family for granted! I don't tell my husband, parents, sister, and friends that I love them enough....nor do I thank them enough for all that they do for me. Life could be swept away from us in a blink of an eye!

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  1. very sorry for your loss! and it is so true that we should never take life for granted.