Monday, June 8, 2009


"Summer" days seem to be busier than "school" days for some reason. Wrestling camp, swimming lessons, baseball, swimming, playing, in addition to the normal stuff. By the days end everyone is tired and ready for bed.

Mr. Vinny is as happy as can seems like he is doing more and more things faster and faster, I can't keep up. One day he started eating a bunch, he can almost down a whole jar of the Stage 1 baby food, he is now rolling both to his right and left, he is grabbing his feet a ton, and I "think" he is getting a tooth :) Wow he has really started taking off as he is fastly approaching his one year mark!

My folks are getting ready to move into the new home that they built, and they have great light. I was taking a few pics of the boys before they move all of their furniture in. Look how "opposite" Vinny and Leo has blue eyes the other brown, one has blond hair the other dark, one is light skinned the other is dark. Hard to believe they came from the same parents.

This is how the boys typically look at the end of our busy days. I asked them to smile for me and this is what I got...they couldn't even do it. I took this right before bed.

Even Vinners has been sacking out pretty early these days.


  1. I LOVE!!!! Averys hair
    Grandma Rosie

  2. Hi Staci (:
    Thanks so much for your comments on our blog - it does feel like a very similar situation that you went through with Vinny, only instead of hoping for a diagnosis after birth, we are hoping the doctors are wrong. Your boys are so much fun, I have spent way too much time looking at all of your pictures!!! Thanks again or thinking of me, and for the link to It's so nice to hear other people's stories of how they made the time with their kids the best it could be.
    Hope you guys are enjoying summer, and hope to bump into you soon. Our frequent WalMart run-ins seem to be few and far between lately (:

    with love,