Thursday, June 11, 2009

fear of the cookie

Frankie had a great day on his birthday! First his dad brought him home a little suprise after he got off work...

His own "birthday" doughnut...
We went to the zoo with our good friends and played there all day!

Frankie then tried to work on holding up 3 fingers...not quite but almost!

For some unknown reason his is very fearful of candles. This is what he did when the candles were lit on his birthday cookie. It was a chocolate chip "blue mustang" cookie.

Frank got many cool of his favorites was this "mini" motorcycle that his aunt Ami and cousing Olivia got him. He also got a great cape with his initial on it. I will get a better pic of it later to show you.

Overall, he had a great day and was super tired in the end. Happy birthday little bear!

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  1. OH my! I'm so sorry he was scared by his birthday cookie! That is a cool motorcycle though!