Saturday, July 11, 2009


Happy Happy Birthday to my ketchup loving, quirky, free spirited, blue eyed Leo!

Can I tell you that I love this little guy? He is so absolutely different from all of my other boys. Not only in looks (my only true blond haired blue eyed boy) but in personality as well.

This guy is not afraid to try anything! Food included... He was just three years old when he first started riding his bike with out training wheels, he taught himself how to swim, and is always the first to try something new (Avery is always the chicken)!

Leo loves to take his time with everything that he does! I have to have him start getting ready to get out of the house about an hour before we leave... He will sit up in his room deciding what shoes to wear with what outfit for over a half an hour...then it will take him another half an hour just to get his shoes on and eat his breakfast! In preschool, the teachers report that he is typically the last one at the table completing a project...

He loves to dress up in costumes as well as in his own clothes. It is not uncommon to see him in 3 different outfits (shoes included) in one day. Speaking of shoes...Leo loves shoes...when we go out and about, he will take a backpack and put a pair of shoes in it, "just in case" he needs to change.

Leo has so much love to give! He is so caring and has a heart of gold! Leo is especially in love with Vinny. If you notice, in the pictures I have of the two of them together, he is always hugging or holding Vinny's hand! Leo is usually the first to give up a toy to Avery or Franklin!

Leo looks up to Avery so much! He wants to be just like him, wear Avery's clothes and do exactly what Avery does!

Leo loves to make silly faces, say silly things, and make funny noises (not always the most appropriate)... He will for sure make you laugh...

I am so blessed to have Leo in my life! He has taught me more about having patience and slowing down just enough to enjoy the little things! At the end of the day, I look forward to my big kiss and hug from him knowing that all of my worries and problems will be swept away!

Happy birthday Lee Lee Love! I love you more than you will ever know!


  1. wow, you've got a lot of birthdays this month! happy birthday Leo! you've got a great mommy :)

  2. What sweet tributes to your beautiful boys! Happy Birthday to Leo! Happy Birthday to Vinny!