Wednesday, July 1, 2009

where to begin?

So much has been going on over the past few weeks, I really don't know where to begin...

Let's see...we recently spent our anual family vacation in Okobogi Iowa. It was fun and relaxing...the kids had a blast as you can see from the following pictures...

The boys enjoyed fishing...

We went to Arnolds Park. Leo was so excited this year because he could go on most of the "big kid" rides.

Fun mirror

Frankie spent a lot of time playing in the sand and giving a great view of his crack!

Grandpa and Grandma got to spend time with the kids snuggling and playing...

They had lots of sand time...Leo of course had to take it to the extreme a few times by throwing sand and dumping water on Frankie's head.

I think Vinny enjoyed himself as well, he spent most of his time hanging out with whoever would hold him and snuggle.

We had lots of cold treats.

Vinny suprised us all by popping out his two bottom teeth...I guess that explains all of his chewing on his woobie and toys.

Recently, my folks just moved into their new home on a golf course. My mom was at home unpacking when a young kid shanked his golf ball into their sunroom window shattering it and scaring the crap out of my mom who was on three step ladder. Unfortunately she fell off of it shattering her leg in several places. She had to have an external fixator for a week and just recently went back into the hospital for her final surgery. She is recovering and will be coming home soon. So the whole family has been busy helping my mom and dad figure out all of this medical stuff! I am so thankful that she only broke her leg! She will have a long recovery ahead of her...

So as you can see we have been super busy and some what frantic at times. I haven't had a chance to really sit down and take a breather... but I guess this is what keeps life interesting!

The boys are so excited for the Fourth of July they can't sleep at night! They know all of the different fireworks to get! Avery spends most of his free time discussing this with Leo.

July is birthday month for us, we have 5 birthdays! Mine, Jims, Leo, Vincent, and my neice's. I can't believe my little Vinny will be one year soon. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the past year and how my life has changed so much. I would have never guessed I would have learned so much about my self and life in just one year!


  1. Wow, I can't believe that about your mom! Glad you are having a fun summer. Vinny looks really good :o) Happy Birthday!

    Take care,
    Nurse Amanda from the Med Center

  2. Boy - you guys have been busy! Fantastic pictures! Hope your mom gets better soon. I hope you all have happy, happy birthdays!