Thursday, August 27, 2009

forgive me...

it's been awhile...

We have been busy enjoying summer!

I am happy to have gotten back into somewhat of a routine since school has started.

My niece, Olivia, spent alot of time over at our house during the summer. We really enjoyed having her as she was a big help to me. She liked to help me with Vinny (taking care of him and practing his "therapy" on him) and playing with the boys.

Leo of course was busy with all of his costumes and switching in to and out of character a gazillion times a day. He has taken to carrying several costumes with him in a backpack so he can quickly change into whomever he would like to be at any given moment.

We went to Adventure Land with my best friend from college and her little girl right before school started. We had so much fun. Frankie went on all of the rides and wasn't scared at all!

The kids had a great time and enjoyed going on the rides together. Notice Leo's shoes...(I don't know what he was thinking...don't ask me!). I didn't realize he had two different crocs on until we got out of the car at the amusement park...oh well...!

Adventure Land has a small water park connected to it. So we spent some time there. As you can see I forgot Frankie's bathing suit, so he borrowed Clara's Hello Kitty undies... I know I am "mom of the year"!

Don't let this picture fool you! He is NOT as sweet and innocent as this picture portrays him to be! Frankie has definitely hit the "troublesome 3's"! He continually cracks me up with the things that he says and does!

Avery lost his second top front tooth right before he started school. He was pretty proud of himself...Loose teeth for this kid can really cause some drama in our household! You would think his life was coming to an end when it comes to getting these things out of his mouth!

Avery's first day of school. He thinks he is such a "cool cat" . I don't know what happened to him over the summer, but he sure has a lot of confidence these days...

I had to get a picture of Leo with Avery. He was dressed up as Yu Gi Oh at 8 in the morning...He wore this get up all day! Every day is Halloween in our house!

These two have been getting along really well for the most part. They seem to be playing together so much better than they used to!

I don't know if you remember me mentioning how much Avery loves the police, military, army, etc... The other day our neighbor offered to bring his cop car by so the boys could check it out...You can see how excited they were!

Avery and Russ (our neighbor).

Avery has been getting alot of good policeman time in over the last few weeks. His good friend Aidan's dad is a cop as well. Last weekend he took the boys to the police station and let them see the holding cells, gas masks, vests, practice guns, etc... Avery was in HEAVEN! He still is talking about that day! Now if I could just find someone who is in the Army or Marines...The other day he told me he would like to fly a Black Hawk in the Army...How does this kid learn these things?

Leo and Franklin will be going to a new preschool this year. Leo will be attending the "High Fivers" program. He will attend 4 days out of the week. The program is geared towards five year olds getting ready to go into kindergarten next year.

We went to the preschools open house the other night. I did not know what to expect with Frankie! Oh boy can I tell you that he felt right at home! He was so excited and pumped up that the two teachers could barely get his attention to show him around the room. I am afraid that they will have their hands full with him. Frankie will be going two days a week.

Avery is really enjoying school. He loves to learn and has enjoyed making new friends. We have gotten into a good routine that after school we will go through his back pack and he will work on his papers and read! Frankie has enjoyed this time as he gets a story read to him.

Mr Vinners loves to hang out in the middle of all of the chaos! He has been doing great! Vinny recently had a sedated ABR (hearing test) done. He has shown improvement in all areas of hearing. However, he is still classified as mild to moderate hearing loss.

Over the summer, he has really begun to blossom! He has been more active and aware of his environment. He loves to reach out, grab, and explore everything. Most things end up in his mouth. Vin has been eating pretty good. We manage about 2 oral feeds a day. He has figured out to get his pacifier in and out of his mouth by himself and he has finally found his feet.

Vinny surprised his PT and myself the other day by sitting up for approx 5-7 min. several different times during his therapy. I think something is starting to click for him. He is getting so much better with his sitting. I definitely am not ready to leave him alone on the floor to play.

Vinners giggles and laughs all the time! I am so glad that he is such a happy little boy!

Well there you have our summer in a nutshell. I hope to start posting a little more now that we have gotten back into a routine.


  1. have i ever mentioned that you have an absolutely beautiful family?!?!
    i love that your boys are "all boy"

    vinny sounds like he's doing great - i'm glad his hearing has improved. i'm SO ready to be done with hearing aids, even though i know that may never happen, i'm always hopeful.

    and i'm pretty excited to see pictures of vinny sitting up all by himself! yay! :)

  2. Hi Stacy!
    So great to run into you today, it really brightened up a gloomy day. My email address is, could you email me so I can put you on my update list to make sure all of Evie's information gets to you?

    Love your pictures, it is amazing how unique all of your boys are, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your house sometime to just watch them (:

    Have a great week!

  3. Awesome pictures as usual! Sounds like you had a fun summer. Glad to know things are settling into a good school routine for everyone. I hope to be blogging more again too now that we are getting into the groove of school too. Hope to see you at the family gathering!