Thursday, December 3, 2009

catching up

I just realized that I have not updated in awhile...

Our house is full of excitement and chatter about the upcoming holiday! Our tree is up, the lights are out, and the decorations are all over the house!

The countdown is on!!!

I am excited for Christmas this year as well...the boys are at the perfect age to REALLY get into it!

Frankie informed me the other day that he "would" sit on Santa's lap and "not" this has been the case the last few years...more on this story later...

Everyone remains healthy...Vinny included...for those of you that are not on Facebook, he has really started meeting some of his "physical" milestones!! Finally!

If you have read my previous post, you know that he is now putting weight through his legs. He continues to get better at this...we are trying to get him to not lock his knees when he is standing...

He has been doing well with his sitting...I can now put him down and he will stay sitting for a loooong time...He has yet to figure out how to get out of it (we are working on it in therapy), for know he will just fuss when he is done.

I put up a video below for you to is when he first started to figure out how to roll. Believe me, he has had plenty of practice over the past few weeks! He now has figured out how to roll across the room and "attack" the Christmas tree!

It surprises me that he will grab ahold of the tree with his hands (his hands are pretty sensitive). He gets his feet and hands all entwined in the lights and pulls down any ornaments that are with in reach.

His eating continues to go pretty well. It seems like he is eating more than he used to and is not putting up a fight! Our OT has given us great ideas to try with him and they seem to be working!

I am truly blessed to have an amazing little guy in my life! As I think back to last year, I never imagined we would be where we are today!

I find myself thanking God every day for letting Vinny chose our family!

OK enough about little Vin!

Since I have been posting some of our recent pics to Facebook, I have had a lot of my friends ask me to take some pics of their family and little ones!

It has been so fun and a great learning opportunity for me! I am finally getting the chance to work more on one of my favorite hobby's...

Now if Santa would just bring me what is on my wish list for my camera and computer, I would be super duper happy!!!

I will leave you with a pic of each of the boys that we took on one of the last beautiful warm days that we have had!

Oh ya--enjoy the video of Vinny...who ever thought rolling over would be so much work?


  1. Aww, that video of Vinny rolling over is great! Love the pictures of the boys and that is awesome that you have been asked to photograph other people's children too!
    Enjoy the Christmas season!
    Take care,
    Nurse Amanda :o)

  2. Staci-

    This video is awesome...I could watch it all day long, and then to see his tiny hand pick up his binky is so cute!!


  3. Omg!! What amazing pictures!!! I love them!! You are so creative Staci!! Look at little Vinny go!! He is progressing so well! He is just a little angel!!

  4. If you need any additional practice subjects for pictures just let me know, Holden loves to have his picture taken and your pics are amazing :)

    Christy Gibilisco

  5. Vinny is one cute kid!!! :)

    ~ Jess