Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet up with this wonderful family while they were here in Omaha visiting family over Christmas!

I have been a follower of Lisa's blog for some time now and have corresponded with her through email. When I found out they would be here in Omaha, I just had to meet them!

So Jim, Leo, Vinny and I set out to Village Inn to meet Lisa her husband Steve, David and his brother Matty.

I can not put into words what it is like to connect with another family who has been through exactly what you have...they have had the same feelings of hope, doubt, disappointment, and joy!

Check out beautiful David! Like Vinny he was born with CdLS. David is 7 years old and an amazing little boy. Right away he let me hug him and hold him....I just couldn't stop squeezing him!

Can you tell how much love he has for his momma? David gives me so much hope for Vinny! I can not wait for the day that Vinny actually reaches out for me to hug and kiss on me! I know that day will come!

Lisa getting to know Vinny!

Leo and Matty (who also is 5) hit it off immediately! They spent our time together playing with Power Rangers, coloring, and just being boys!

They were super excited for me to take their picture--I couldn't even get eye contact!

Lisa, thank you so much for connecting with us! You, David and your family have given me so much hope for the future...and are such an inspiration to our family!

We had a great Christmas with lots and lots of snow! I will be posting some Christmas pics soon!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! next time there's a gathering anywhere even remotely near here I am SO going! :)

  2. There's nothing quite like meeting another family face to face. I'm so glad you had the chance to connect! Great pictures, too.

  3. it was sooo good. i need a vinny fix again!

  4. So sweet! I too have a sister with CdLS, but she is 30 years old!! Quite a journey my family has been through, but worth it all....she has a very severe case of CdLS, but is as strong as ever.... I believe I am a better person for having in our lives... she is the youngest of 3 girls....

    Vinny and David are absolutely adorable....I sure have a soft spot for them....

  5. I found your blog from Lisa's blog. What a beautiful family you have!! Oh, and that sweet little Vinny.... just can't get enough of him!!!
    BIG HUGS!!!

  6. To know Lisa and her family is to love them. Anyone who connects with the Leonards is loved. Happy your families could connect! Blessings, The Lauries

  7. What an exciting time that must have been!