Wednesday, February 10, 2010

leaps of love

Today was an exciting day for Vinny! We were invited to a local school who was sponsoring "Leaps of Love" for the CdLS Foundation!

This school has been preparing for weeks for this event...they have been practicing jumping and reading the story about Emma who has CdLS.

Vinny, Grandpa and I all showed up to help raise awareness about CdLS and the foundation.

We were pleasantly surprised to meet Mark who is 25 and also has CdLS! He is very active with the Special Olympics and has won many medals over the years!

Once we were introduced to the kids, the teacher read the CdLS story about Emma! I could definitely tell they have heard this story before.
It was funny when one little girl blurted out that she wanted to take Vinny home...

Next the music started and everyone began to jump their little hearts out for one minute.

Vinny was pretty impressed with all of the jumping....he even had a few smiles to share once it was all over!

The little guy standing next to me was so cute...he wanted everyone to know that when he was done jumping, his heart was really pounding!

Thank you Primrose for helping spread awareness about CdLS and helping raise money for the CdLS foundation!
Oh ya guess how many jumps they did in a minute?


  1. Looks like an absolutely great event! I'm so heartened by these events for little kids because it means we are starting to teach our children good things about people with differences!

  2. very cool!
    i wanna take Vinny home, too :)

  3. Wow! That's wonderful! Did someone at the school know a child with CdLS or did you help organize that? That's just really cool.