Sunday, April 25, 2010


Food has been a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately (well food is always on my mind considering I LOVE to eat).

We recently found out that our insurance has finally overturned their denials(after 3 appeals) and will cover Vinny attending the Munroe Meyer's Feeding Program!

I should be ecstatic and happy, but there is a LARGE part of me that is apprehensive about it...

The program is "behavioral" based so that is where I struggle. I know a large part of Vinny's feeding issue is behavioral, but the therapist in me still wonders about sensory and oral motor problems?

After much thought and conversations with many folks, we have decided that we will give it a go!

This is why Vinny, Jim, and I met up with Carrie and Izzy for lunch!

Carrie has been a big support for us! Izzy has been participating in this exact program for the past 2 1/2 years...

Izzy is getting her G-Tube out next month! That is so great!

Carrie suggested that we all meet for lunch and actually see how well Izzy does with eating...

Izzy wasn't so sure about Vinny!

Look at Izzy's face...she Loves spaghetti...

Going into the program, Izzy had not eating anything by mouth!

Check her out now!

I was truly amazed at what she ate...peas...bread...french fries...spaghetti!

Nothing was mushed up or blenderized!

She even drank out of a cup (with a little help)!

Izzy wasn't to fond of Vinny touching her!

Carrie and Izzy are amazing and I thank them so much for spending time with Jim and I helping us make the decision to try the program!

In my heart, I know this is the right thing to do as I don't want to regret not "trying" it down the road!

I am just not looking forward to Vinny struggling and being upset with eating!

We are very fortunate to have Carrie and Izzy so close to us!

So speaking of food...

Since all of this has been so fresh on my mind, Vinny has decided to start eating more (go figure)?

He has even been successful with different sippi cups that we have tried.

He has been eating mac and cheese, yogurt, pasta, and Hershey's!

Can you tell by his face how he enjoys the chocolate?

We start the program on May 5th...

It is an intense program lasting for about 8 weeks...

Monday through Friday...


This will be a big strain on our family, but with the help of my dad we are going to make it work!

I will be documenting our journey, so check back often for updates!


  1. Wow, that is a big chunk of time! Good luck with it. I will be very interested how it goes.

  2. I think you are doing the right thing and while it may be intense for awhile, 8 weeks will fly by. I doubt this program existed back when Baylee was little, but I would have done it. We did a lot of feeding therapy with her OT instead and now she eats like a champ. In fact, eating is her best skill and her world revolves around food. She grazes like a horse and spends most of her day in the kitchen foraging for food. Good luck and keep us posted on Vinnie's progress!

  3. You're an amazing mom Staci!! Will be thinking and praying for the whole family as you take on this new endeavor! No doubt Vinners will continue to impress us all! Loves!!

  4. I'll be thinking of you guys. Hope eats everything orally but is still mostly on Stage 3 baby foods. We need to get to the next level! Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of Vinny with spaghetti sauce on his face like Izzy's!