Monday, April 5, 2010


I love the magic of Easter!

They boys and I have been talking about the meaning of Easter for weeks now...

I love how they incorporate Jesus into their own lives and their own actions!

Of course they have also been so excited for the "BIG" day...

We started to prepare early last week.

I had the grand idea of marking each boys initial on an egg. That way Frankie and Leo would have an opportunity to actually come out of the "hunt" with some eggs!

They thought this idea was fantastic and had fun marking their initials on the eggs.

Franklin had fun just holding his basket in anticipation!

Vinny loved holding all of the eggs and tasting a few as well...

My work had the Easter Bunny come, so we headed up there to get our annual sitting with the bunny...

My niece Olivia was with us that day, and I was pleasantly surprised that she was willing to get in the picture...

Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa came over to help us color eggs.

Vinny sat right up at the table with us and was more interested in Grandpa than the action going on at the table.

Love this pic of Leo and the excitement and joy in his face!

He loved putting this one egg in every different color. Let me tell you it turned out a beautiful brown.

Frankie had enough attention to last for one egg. After that he was done and more interested in making faces and being his usual self!

We all had fun dressing up these "monster" eggs!

A little different than our typical colored eggs.

So Frank was cracking me up how he was so carefully caring for his egg!

He was so proud of it!

Saturday night the boys decided that they should write the Easter Bunny a quick letter explaining the "initialed" eggs.

Avery's letter.

Leo's letter.

Easter morning.

I couldn't get the boys to hold still long enough to get a good picture of them hunting for eggs!

They were all excited to see what kind of goods they got inside those colorful eggs.

The boys were excited to get all dressed up and go to church!

I love how Leo is always wanting to touch Vinny or hold his hand!

I tried to get a good snap of them all together.

It is getting more difficult to get one where they are all looking with a decent look on their face!

My little Vinners was in such a happy mood!

Had to get a shot of Franks in this out fit.

Each one of the boys have worn this outfit on Easter!

I am going to save it for Vinny to wear some day (maybe when he in 10 as the outfit is a size 4)!

One more try at the Easter pic.

Never mind Vinny's pants are up to his armpits :)

We ended the great day with an amazing dinner and egg hunt at my folks house!

My Grandpa came over and spent time loving on the boys!

Did I tell you how I LOVE the "magic" of Easter?

Hope you had a great one how ever you decided to celebrate it!


  1. Wow, what a fun looking easter and a great looking bunch of kids! Those monster eggs are a great idea, might try that next year. We "painted" eggs, which was fun, but it never did dry!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi. I saw that you won something from Lisa Leonard. Congrats. I have a son with CdLS. He is 22. Vinny looks so much like he did when he was little. So adorable!!! I know I have seen the name Vinny before but I don't know if I ever checked out your blog or not. I am definitely going to do so. I have a blog but haven't updated it for a year. I am on Facebook, too. I don't do much on there either. I just like checking in on all the CdLS kiddos and their families. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know your family.

  3. Very cool post and beautiful photos! We've never colored eggs before. Maybe we'll try that next year. Happy Easter!