Sunday, May 9, 2010

a first and a third

Today Vinny FINALLY decided that he could get into sitting from being on his back....

He did it about 5 different times...

Vinny actually did it the way the therapists have been working with him on doing it!

I guess repetition repetition and more repetition pays off!

Way to go little man...that was the best Mother's Day present ever!

Can you tell what his motivator was?

Why a Diet Coke bottle of course...

I took this pic with my cell phone right after he sat up!

The boys and I spent Mother's Day with my mom at the rehab facility where she is staying at...

She had her third and final surgery last Monday.

A total knee replacement to hopefully fix the severe pain and arthritis she was having in her knee.

She has had bad pain for the past year since she broke her leg last Father's Day.

I feel so bad for her because of all the pain she has been through!

Had to post a pic of Vinny driving.

We sat in the car during Avery's baseball games this weekend because it was so cold.

Vinny entertained himself by driving, playing with the windshield wipers, and honking the horn!


  1. That's great! You never know if they are going to do it the "therapist way" or their own way. hahah.

  2. I love your DC motivator. It has motivated me more than once! What a little dude!

  3. I owe you a chalkboard thought bubble! I don't know how I lost your information but I did and I'd love it if you could send me your mailing address so I can get that chalkboard (the one you won in Lisa Leonard's giveaway) to you right away!

    racheldenbow (at) gmail (dot) com