Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 beautiful souls

Today I feel so blessed to finally get to meet two beautiful little souls!

These two little ones have touched SO SO many lives!

First I will tell you about Evie...

Evie is the daughter of my friend John and Lindsey...

Today she turned 1!

This little girl was not supposed to live even minutes after she was born...

She has such an AMAZING story!

Click here to read about Evie's journey...

Check out her lashes!

And those eyes...

Evie is so beautiful!

This is Judah!

He is such a little butterball!

I have been following his mom's blog since he was born...

It just so happens that his mom and Evie's mom are friends!

I was so hoping that I would run into Judah's family today at Evie's birthday party.

It is so fascinating to me how meeting other parents of special kiddos how there is that instant bond!

We never expected to be the parents of special needs babies, but for some reason we were chosen!

And when meeting those parents it is unbelievable how there is that instant connection!

They just understand!

Doesn't he just melt your heart?

Hoping you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Oh my word, you got some great pictures!! Staci, I feel so privileged to have finally met you yesterday! You have been such a consistent source of encouragement to me, and there's no way to tell you how much I appreciate you! I'm glad I finally have a face to put with your name:) I haven't read your story yet, but the pic of your boys is stunning! They're all so beautiful; but I was immediately captured by Vinny's dark locks & gorgeous eyes! Where did his looks come from? All his brothers are so light! Seriously, he is...amazing, and it looks like he is surrounded by more of the same - amazing:) Can't wait to dig into your blog.

  2. beautiful pics staci, you are so talented! thanks so much for coming sunday, it was so great to see you (: