Monday, December 13, 2010

the joys of boys

My friend Liz posted this on Facebook tonight. Thought it was worth sharing here. Just a snippet of the article.

The Joys Of Boys
Danille Bean

I have to admit that there's a refreshing simplicity about the way that most boys handle conflicts. We girls tend to verbalize our disagreement, hint at our displeasure, and when all else fails, resort to good old fashioned passive-aggressive behavior. We are wonderfully complex in that way.

But boys don't have time for any of that nonsense. If they need to, they fight. I say "fight", but it is true that we girls call "fighting" most boys would call simply "working it out", if they were at all inclined to describe in words what they do.

I observe it in my living room on a daily basis: Two boys scuffle. They shove, wrestle, and occasionally punch. This is fun. This is recreation. This is a good time.

At some point in the action, one boy shoves or punches the other boy a bit too hard. This is a foul and must be dealt with. They work it out--by shoving and punching, of course. The action gets intense and female onlookers are inclined to verbalize their concern, until one final punch is answered with another decisive punch.

It is settled. All is well.

"Wanna go play ball or something?" one of them asks. "Sure" the other shrugs, and they are on their way. Leaving their baffled, bemused, and always-learning mother alone with her thoughts and prayers for the grace of understanding.

I am so thankful God gave me boys!

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