Friday, January 7, 2011

Marshmallow Kingdom

I just ran across an article in the Omaha Magazine recently on this book. The author Louis Rotella III is from here in Omaha. The following is an excerpt from the website.

“The Little King” is about my wise and funny sage (and son), eight-year-old Louie Rotella the IV, who was born with Down Syndrome.

I wrote this book because I wanted to give children—and their parents and teachers—access to some of the lessons, and all of the laughter, that Louie brings into my life and that of everyone he meets.

“No kid is exactly alike. But we’re all kids. Right?”

Profound thoughts surface while admiring floating bubbles that, too, are not exactly alike – a child’s delight at the diversity of his world. “The Little King And His Marshmallow Kingdom” documents the simplicity and wonder of the world around an eight-year-old child with Down Syndrome and his comfort with his place in it. King Louie has the gift of experiencing the joy of life without the filters that society, over time, teaches us to put in place. This book is a testament to “certain truths that very young children know instinctively: until they’re taught otherwise, they know that ‘normal’ is overrated.”

Consider the opportunity this beautiful and gentle tool offers to pass on this underlying philosophy: at home, in schools, youth groups, daycare facilities, any learning environment. The message in this book encourages children to be themselves with confidence and challenges those social pressures to conform.

To learn more about The Little King and His Marshmallow Kingdom, click here.

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