Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I for some reason had this post in my "drafts"....thought I would finally get it posted!

I have told you how proud I am of my boys?  

Well let me just tell you again!

I had parent teacher conferences recently for both Leo and Frankie...

Some of you know that we decided to give Leo the "gift of time" and start him in kindergarten at the age of 6 vs 5.  I have always wondered if this was the right thing to do or not.  Throughout the year, he has demonstrated to me that this was a good decision for him!

Now he is more socially appropriate (vs last year), a better listener, follows through with what is asked of him (in the classroom at least), is very eager to learn, and always strives to do his best!

These are all of the things that the teacher told me about Leo when I met with her....

Would make any mom proud right?

Well this is what really really made me proud...

She stated that Leo is a "caring, compassionate, and kind" little boy...

This I have always known to be true of Leo...however, it is always nice to hear it from someone else too.

She said that the classroom recently had a new student start who has autism.  She stated that she purposely placed this student next to Leo because she knew that he would do well with the little boy.  

His teacher said that is has been amazing to watch how natural and caring Leo is with this little guy and she is continually amazed at how Leo interacts with him.  

She then went on to say that she feels that our family is very fortunate to have been blessed with Vinny because she has seen first hand how he has touched our lives!

I walked out of the classroom one proud crying momma!

Frankie's conference was next on the agenda.

He is currently enrolled in the public schools ECSE (early childhood special education) preschool as a role model.

I decided to have him attend this preschool for a few reasons...

One was so I could get an up close look at how this preschool ran as this may have been the preschool Vinny would attend, and two I felt it was a great opportunity for Franklin to be around other "special" kiddos.

Franklin's teacher proceeded to tell me how Franks is doing and that there are no concerns.   She ended our conference with telling me how Franklin has connected with a little boy who has down syndrome in his classroom.  She stated that this little boy tends to pull hair and does not know social boundaries.  

Franklin and this little guy spend time together in the morning as they are usually the first two to arrive in the classroom.

The teacher stated that she gives Franklin all the credit in teaching this little guy how to say hi and be socially appropriate by waving hello to people!  As this is what Franklin and this little boy do in the mornings...

Again I walked away one proud crying momma!

My heart just swells for my boys!  They are all special and unique in their own ways!

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