Sunday, June 12, 2011

♥ 5 ♥

Frankie is 5!

We celebrated Franklin's 5th birthday on June 10th!

He was so excited to turn 5 this year!

Frankie wanted to "hang out" in the backyard and grill out...

So we had family and his best friend over to celebrate!

Frank and Breanna

These two are hilarious when they are together! 

They act like an "old married" couple....

Breanna has her own style of dressing just like Frank...

Maybe that is why they are good friends?

When I asked Frankie what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he would have a different answer each time...

So on this day his grandpa took him to the store to order a cake and this is what he decided on...

He was so sweet to Breanna, he let her have one of the cars off of his cake...

and let her help blow out the candle...

I thought Frankie was old enough this year to complete my "Birthday Interview"

So here it is!!

  • Favorite thing in the world?  Tigers
  • Favorite game?   WWE
  • Animal I'd like to be?  Mouse
  • Favorite movie?  Monsters Inc.
  • Favorite thing to do outside?  Play in the backyard
  • Best ever present?  Little Dodge Charger car
  • Spots or stripes?  Spots
  • Favorite sandwich?  Jellyfish (translation: peanut butter and jelly)
  • Wants to be?  Batman
  • Most ticklish?  Armpits
  • Favorite word?  Car
  • Worst food? Carrots
  • What do you enjoy doing?  Playing on the swing set
  • One thing you are good at?  Pumping on the swing
  • Favorite person to be with?  Avery
  • Best thing about turning 5?  My birthday
  • Favorite thing to do with mom?  Take a nap
  • Favorite color?  Red
  • Favorite food?  Hot dog
  • Favorite song?  You Are My Sunshine

Happy 5th birthday Franklin James!

I love you more than all of the moon and stars!

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  1. that's so sweet! What a cutie! Hope he had a terrific day, and his little friend is such a cutie pie too! (what a cute couple - hint hint!)

    (mango and mommy)