Thursday, January 22, 2009


Vinny talking to Avery!

Vinny loves to reach out and touch our face when we get up close and talk with him :)

Today we went to see Dr. Douglas to get Vinny's history and physical done for his broncoscopy and larangoscopy on Jan. 29th. I am proud to say that he now weighs 10# 15oz, head 15", length 22.5". He is a growing boy. CdLS children have a slower growth rate and smaller stature- so we are happy with a few ounces and a few inches.

Vinny is now fitting very well in 0-3 month clothing (we are really getting use out of baby clothes). I am so proud of him.

I wanted to post these two pictures that I took of Avery and Vinny sharing conversation and love between each other. My heart melts when I see my boys interact together! They always seem to get a great response from Vin. I always ponder to myself if there was some reason that Vinny was born into our family last-3 "great" big brothers to watch out and care for him!

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