Monday, February 23, 2009


It has been one of "those days" no wait one of "those weeks"!!!! I have about had it! I don't know what is going on???? I can't seem to shake whatever this "luck" or what ever you call it is...but it is making me CRAZY!!!
I will spare you every single detail (if you want them just ask my sister- I call her all the time with the crap that has been going on). I will try to narrow it down to just a few things that have been happening. Last week Frankie and I took Vinny to the doctor for V's 6 month shots...Frankie decided to try and crawl into the stroller basket before I had Vin put in the stroller----face meet cement---note 1st picture....

I took this pic a few days after the crash happened- it did look a lot worse. After Vin's shot's- he got a fever- let me tell you that sucks and freaks me out when he doesn't feel good. Then last week one of the cat's decides to pee on my bed two days in a row---it takes FOREVER to clean the mattress pad, heating pad, sheets, and blankets (all day)---so just when I thought I was done washing bed stuff---I run Vinny's feeding pump (on the bed-the whole thing)....forgot that I didn't have his NG tube plugged into the pump---yup you guessed it another full day of washing bed sheets.....don't mind that Vinny didn't eat for a total of 8 hours.
So....we started this week off just the dad got up and stood in line (at 6:30 am) to sign Frankie and Leo up for preschool in the fall. Frankie got signed up no problem, but the "high fivers" class that I wanted to get Leo into was full and we are 6th on the wait list (not gonna happen)---so my dad and I spent a good part of the day researching and trying to find a preschool for Leo---we ended up just signing him up for the three day program at the same school as Frankie.....

So off to Children's hospital Frankie and I go with Vinny to go and have a PH probe put up Vin's nose and down into his stomach to measure the acid in his belly (for reflux) for 24 hours....I thought this would be a quick procedure---well I thought wrong! Oh by the way- got all the way up to the dr's office and thought I forgot my cell phone in the car---so all the way back down we went to the car---once I got to my car and reached into my pocket for the keys to unlock the door-----there was my cell phone---in my to the office and went to give them my insurance card----oooh---wallet in the car----no way was I going back down! Got to the room and the RN put the tube up his nose (had a hard time---cry cry cry)---my little man was breaking my heart....she then sent us down stairs for an x-ray to verify that the tube was where it was supposed to be----nope----didn't even show up in the x-ray---so that damned loooong tube was up in his head somewhere---poor baby---oh ya I couldn't even go with Vinners for the x-ray cuz I had Frankie with me---so back up to the GI clinic we go....I was about to lose it by this time...I think the staff knew I was about to break, so they offered to watch Frank so I would be able to go back down for the second x-ray with we got the tube in the right spot and off we went.

So now my poor baby has two tubes---one in each nostril---beautiful! Thankfully he doesn't seem to mind. We only have to have it for 24 hours.

My whole day wasn't like this....I did manage a few when I went into the family room and saw Frankie singing "happy birthday" to Salli with a blue bucket over his head. She seems thrilled doesn't she?

This guy was all over the place this afternoon...getting into everything that he shouldn't...

Here he was trying to get to the "little" legos....glad I got there before he could get them. Didn't quite get to the markers fast enough though. He had green marker all over his face, lips, and hands.

Couldn't get a pic of his hands....By this time of the day I was "done" so we went over to my folks for dinner...on the way up the stairs Frankie got "green" all over the walls from his lovely markered up hands....I spilled salad all over, and my "drink" all over and in my dad's plate...So we headed home to go to bed....the boys were out of control tonight for some reason, so I went upstairs to find them all in their underwear hitting each other with my bed pillows....instead of hollering at them I decided what the I grabbed a pillow and we had a good ole' pillow was so fun...and felt so good.....

As I sit here and write this...I guess the past week really hasn't been to could always be worse....but I am glad that the day is over and am excited to go to bed and start a fresh new day tomorrow!!! Let's hope tomorrow is smooth sailing and full of smiles and laughter!!

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  1. Oh my! you have had quite a week! It's good that you have such a positive outlook on it though. Joey had a PH probe done in Dec.07 ~ but he stayed at the hospital the whole time. The tube, x-rays etc. weren't much fun I remember. Hope things settle down soon!