Saturday, February 28, 2009

giggles caught on tape

Picture of Vinny--He pulled his tube out AGAIN! Thankfully it was time to switch it out. Jim and I are becoming pros at getting it back in. We have decided that we will have the PEG tube placed and are just waiting for the physician's office to get it scheduled. The doc said that we would have a 2-3 day stay at the hospital. Hopefully that is all it will be. We should be finding out the results of his PH probe test this coming week....

Enjoy this video! Vin has been giggling daily now for quite awhile. I have not had a chance to get it on video. Avery was home so he caught it for us on tape. We are so thankful for this wonderful laughter. It warms our heart every time we hear him giggle!


  1. That is a hilarious video!

    Sorry to hear he has been pulling his tube out all the time. Does he have a mic-key right now? I hope the PEG will help with that!!!

  2. oh my goodness... i am in love with your precious boys! and Vinny is so darn adorable! I am a follower of your blog, but i could never log on before for some reason! i am so excited to get to know you! your pictures are so cute (the header is to die for). i love hearing him giggle!! and it is so awesome that you met other families already! can't wait to read more when we get home! :)