Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The GI doc's office called today with the results of Vinny's 24 hour PH probe test. The nurse claims that he has "extreme" reflux! She said that he refluxed over 300 times in 24 hours with the longest episode lasting over 37 minutes. Poor baby....funny thing was he was off of all of his meds for 3 days prior to this and exhibited no external symptoms of reflux at all...Now that we have him back on his meds, he is doing his projectile puck thing about once a day....

So now instead of just getting the tube surgery scheduled, the doc wants to talk about having a fundal done. I really don't want to do this, it scares me to have him have to be cut on....So I am now waiting for the doc to call me so we can talk through this and figure out what would be best for my Vinners.

More waiting...it always seems like we are waiting...I would just like to get his darn tube in his belly and out of his nose....it has been over six months with the NG tube now.

We are also still waiting on the ENT's office to talk with Coventry our insurance about getting the OK for a sedated hearing test done.

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