Tuesday, March 3, 2009

spiderman city

Tonight we were driving home from Piccolo's (best steak house in Omaha) for my mom's birthday and there was this stalled car on the off ramp. We were sitting at the stop light and I was checking it out and there was this young female looking like she was trying to use her cell phone- but it wouldn't work....so I made Jim jump out and ask her if she needed help. I felt bad for her as it was late and cold out. Come to find out, her car did stall and her phone had quit working...so she jumped in our car and used my cell to call her friend and we took her a few blocks down the road to the gas station to meet her friend.

After she got out, the boys asked who she was and why was she in our car. So Jim and I explained how we were helping her out because her car was broke down and we were helping her so she wouldn't have to walk alone out in the cold dark night. Trying to let the experience be a "teaching moment" about helping others......

The boys got to talking about it in the back seat and one thing lead to another and Avery was talking about how the "Army" and "Air Force" helps the United States be safe and so on.

Leo pipes up when it was all quiet and states that he wishes that we lived in "Spider man City" so that we could all help people like Spider man.

Oh the minds of little boys....only if I could think like them sometimes!!!


  1. That's very cute that he found his own way to understand the situation!

  2. Very cute story! The things that kids come up with are amazing. Sorry to hear Vinnie's PH probe didn't turn out to well. Poor little guy ~ hope they get things figured out soon. Joey had a fundo in January 08 and even though it was a tough decision it has been one of the best things we ever did for him. He felt better, ate better, and excelled at therapy. Good luck!