Friday, March 20, 2009


Where does the time go??? I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged. Thought I would add a bunch of pictures to bring you up to date on what we have been up to over the last few weeks....

Meet Lucy Lu Lu...She is our newest addition. The boys LOVE her as much as they love Jasper (the kitten good ole' Santa brought). Avery especially enjoys looking after Lucy and making sure she is ok. This gal is so so little!

Lucy enjoys spending time staring out the window, deep in thought...

She spends time playing with the boys....

And snuggling....

Vinny has been busy trying out new textures and tastes. I put fruit in this "feeder" thing and he sucks away at it. I am so proud of him for tolerating something new!

Vinny has spent a lot of time taking bathes. He has been projectile puking at least once a day for some reason. He has been doing this after he had the PH probe done. Not sure what is going on. We have been working with the GI doc. He had us switch Vinny to Prevacid to see if that will help. I tell ya- it sure gets old real quick doing so much laundry all the time...especially when it is the carseat and the bouncy seat!

Salli and Miller have been busy teasing the rats (Doris and Domino)! The rats pretty much occupy the dogs time for most of the day.

Frankie spends alot of his time hauling the cats about the house. Thank goodness they are tolerable of this. Notice Jasper's face- He is so happy :)

Play is a big part of our day! Avery really enjoys playing with his best pal Aidan. Vinny likes to sit in his chair and watch the boys when they play.

Poor Bubba got a black eye from wrestling practice! He thought he looked pretty tough.

Frank has been able to squeeze in a few naps in between our busy days of running errands and going to doctor appointments. He looks so peaceful here! I just love this little guy. He is talking so much now a days. The house is so quiet when he naps!

The center island of our kitchen is where we spend a lot of it eating, playing, homework, or just hanging out. Vinny loves to be "up in it" with the boys. It is also a great time for us to work on his therapy skills of being on his tummy, sitting up, scanning his environment, and so on....

This toy is one of Vinny's favorite. He loves to hit it to make the music go off...Vinny always seems to have a smile!

Vinny and Jasper (the cat) are making sure Avery is getting his homework done!

Leo has been some what challenging these days. I have had to get my John Rosemond and Nanny 911 books out! Here he just gave up after a long tantrum about something and fell asleep.

Weekdays are consumed with wrestling practice and weekends with tournaments. Jim was so proud of Avery for pinning this little guy with the "tilt" (I think that is what it is called).

Proud Dad!

So as you can see we are busy busy busy....We are looking forward to the spring and getting out and enjoying the nice warm days!


  1. Okay, that kitten is about the cutest ever. Except that I already have two cats and they are too expensive as it is...I would steal that cat in a minute and take him home to snuggle!

    It looks like a lot is going on and I'm happy to see all these photos.

    Sorry about the projectile. I hope you get to the bottom of the issue soon!

  2. ok, you might have to stop posting pics of Vinny.... i want to steal him! LOL! i hope that all of the tummy issues are solved soon. the kitten and big brothers are so adorable.. and i just think that Vinny is SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks so adorable in his glasses!
    Mason has a similar sutcion toy and loves it!

    we are busy here too with spring football, but i am looking forward to spring break and not needing to be anywhere at 6:45 a.m. for a whole 7 days!
    i wonder if jaiden would like wrestling. i will have to look into that. love your pics!

  3. Wow ~ you guys have been busy! Congrats on the kitten ~ adorable. Hope Vinny's tummy issues resolve soon. You take awesome pictures! I love the one of Vinny with his little tongue sticking out. Cute, cute, cute!