Sunday, February 1, 2009


Laughter is such and amazing thing and can make one feel so good inside. I love to listen to my boys giggle and laugh with each other. Depending on the type of giggling they are doing I can usually tell if they are doing something that they shouldn't!

Vinny has "belly laughed" once for us along time ago...we haven't heard it since. Last night around midnight as we were getting ready for bed, Vinny was in his bouncy seat wide awake. I leaned over to tell him to go to sleep and he turned his head to look up at me and started giggling. It was the most amazing sound to hear!!! I could not believe it....I continued to talk to him and tickle his belly and he went a right on a giggling. He even did it long enough for me to pick up the phone to call Jim at work so that he could hear. I wanted to share this sound with him.

Hopefully Vinny will continue to laugh and giggle for us so that I can get it on video and post it for you to hear as well!!!! Enjoy laughter and giggling- it is the best medicine for the soul!

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