Sunday, February 1, 2009


As you can imagine with all the boys in our house, there is a lot of play going on. I try to involve Vinny as much as I can when his brothers are playing. This day, Avery and Leo were playing Legos (making guns) on the kitchen floor. I put Vinny right down there with them. He loves to watch and listen to what they are doing. Vin has ahold of his favorite "toy". His woobie- he loves that thing! Also notice how he is turned on his side- he is trying to watch what they are doing above his head. Hopefully at some point this will turn into him trying to roll over!

This day grandpa came over when the boys were playing. He is always goes right over to Vinny and picks him up to hold and love on him! What a great grandpa!!!! Grandpa is always wanting to spend time and be with Vinny- I am so lucky to live so close to my parents so that they can spend so much time with us!

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