Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CdLS friends

Vinny and I had an opportunity to meet several families that have children with CdLS a few weeks ago ranging from 5 months to 29 years old. We had a wonderful time meeting these amazing families. It was nice to talk with parents that are going through or have gone through what we are. It was reassuring to see how happy these little people are!
Macie (2 1/2)

Josie (5 months)

Baylee (12)

Becky (29)

Each one of these kids are unique and have progressed through life at their own speed. They all have varying degrees of abilities. Once again God has shown me to just take one day at a time and be thankful and happy for what each day brings us with Vinny!

As I was driving home from Lincoln, I was thinking how funny it was how a single syndrome could bring all of us together and immediately we all have something in common. I am so glad that I have met these families and look forward to staying in contact with them.


  1. it was so cool to see the pictures of your get together on facebook! i immediately mapquested and tried to calculate how long it would take me to drive there one of these days! CO isn't all that far away!! Christy is so good at keeping us all posted about get togethers, so I hope to make one soon.. maybe this summer! i can't make the bowling party in June, but i will definitely try for the next one!

    beautiful photos!

  2. That is really great that you have already met so many other folks with CdLS and their families. I just found out that there are at least a few families in my area and there is going to be a family gathering in June.

    Great photos!!!!