Monday, April 13, 2009

happy days

The past few days have just been plain happy and full of firsts for us! Last night Vinny spit up in his bouncy seat that he normally sleeps in, so I had to put it in the midnight, I was not about to wait for it Vin had to sleep in the bassinet next to our bed....he did great...even had two feedings while sleeping in it
Today, he took his first nap in his crib! I got busy with the other kids and put him in his crib to watch his mobile while I got Frankie dressed and off to slumber land he went.

Content! Is a great word to describe Vin lately. He has been feeling so good! I can't even tell you the last time he has had a "projectile vomit" (knock on wood!).

Happy! Another word to describe him. He is happy and giggling all the time! I think his new med for reflux is making him feel better! Me too (I love not cleaning up "projectile puke" after every feeding).

Another first! I have not pushed potty training to much with Frankie. My other boys did not potty train until three....Yes I know I waited a long time, but once they were potty trained, they were potty trained, no over night accidents, or accidents during the day. Frank has been some what interested in the "potty" over the last few months, so we have been putting him on it every time we change his butt...he will go pee every now and then.
Today while I was getting him dressed, the doorbell rang, so I left him upstairs naked while I went to answer the door. When I went back up, he was on his potty (self initiated) and had taken a big ole' poop! On his own! I was so proud of him!
No more diapers! We are definitely on the road to undies! So on went the big sweat shirt and diaper just a buck naked butt! He has been running around the house all day like this and has not had one accident. He has been putting himself on the pot independently! I have been giving him reminders throughout the day.
So I had to get a few snap shots to document this great day for him! We will see how it goes. Jim is home with the boys all day tomorrow while I go to work. Let's hope he will make sure he is on the pot all throughout the day (knock on wood again)!
This is how he felt about me taking pictures of him while he was trying to concentrate so hard...he he he!


  1. oh my goodness.... i know you must hear this a lot, but your boys are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    glad that the reflux medicine is helping Vinny, and very glad that Frankie is on his way to being in undies full time :)!

    i am loving that pic of Vinny with his blankie! and the one of him smiling.. and the one of him in his crib... LOL!

  2. I wish we had waited till 3 to start potty training the CLB. Because it really dragged on!!!!!! Great job Frankie!

    The photos of Vinny are precious. I hope he likes his crib. My little guy just switched from cradle to crib a couple months ago but he loves it.

  3. Congratulations!!! My heart melts everytime I see Vinny smile. I LOVE sharing his pictures with friends at work. We sure miss you White's. When are we going to have another play day?! Let me know when you are available and congratulations again to Vinny and Mr. Frankie "pooh" ;o)

  4. it's been a good few days for us too. few days without throwup is always such a plus.