Sunday, April 12, 2009


Wow...we had a fun and BUSY day today!!! My parents, my sister and my neice all came over to color Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny.

The kids getting ready to dye eggs!
Believe it or not, they managed to sit still and let the eggs soak for 5 minutes.

Look how pretty they were when they were done.

Vinny has been so so happy this past week! He is loving being held and being around all of the craziness! Vinny especially loves being held by his Papa! My dad loves him so much and holds him every chance he gets. You can see how much Vinny is in love with him!

Leo can make Vinny giggle all the time! It is so sweet!

The kids played baseball almost all day, out in the front yard and in the back yard, pitching, hitting, and catching.

Miss Olivia

Leo is not quite coordinated enough to keep up with the older kids, so he took to practicing catching on his own...he even put on his "soccer" shoes!

Leo and Grandpa, working hard on putting a "100" piece puzzle together. Leo has mastered all of our 24 piece puzzles and can put all seven of them together in less than twenty minutes.

Here the kids are working their magic on the eggs! Frankie thought he was "it" because he got to color with a marker!

Leo's egg

Bean's egg.

Ami (my sister) and I even managed to get in a haircut for Frankie...we have been wanting to cut his hair into a mohawk for along time. Finally got it done! He sat so still while I chopped away.

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  1. lovin the hawk'!! i need to get crackin on uploading my pics!! love the updates and vinny with papa is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of the pics are cute!