Thursday, April 9, 2009


The other night Leo asked me if he could "snuggle" with Vinny while he hung out in my bed watching Sponge Bob. I decided to let him hold Vin while I got some laundry done and picked up around the house. When I called out to Leo to see if he was doing ok with Vinny, he didn't answer, so I went upstairs to make sure that they were ok and this is what I found....
Leo was sacked out...Vin was hanging out...and Louie was snugged in...
Oh ya...we took "Lucy" to the vet last week to find out when we could get her declawed and spayed....the vet was checking her out and said that we couldn't get her spayed because she was a boy!!!! So much for a female cat...Lucy is now called Louie Lou Lou!


  1. How sweet ~ I love the picture. Vinny looks so relaxed with Leo. He was in good hands!

  2. love it!! brothers are so sweet!!