Thursday, April 23, 2009


Just yesterday, I was reading one of the blogs that I follow God's Grace In Practice . Heidi wrote this post "Talking to your child about disabilities". I thought that it was very interesting and wondered what my boys thought of Vinny and what they would actually tell other people if asked about him. This is something that I put in the back of my mind on my "list" of things to talk to them about.
Well today, Avery, Leo, Vinny, and I were sitting in Subway enjoying our footlongs and pizza chatting away. This little girl (about 5 I would say) kept staring at Vinny (I was holding him in my lap). I motioned for her to come over and was going to explain to her about his tube in his nose (we get lots of stares and questions from little people- I explain this alot). This is how the conversation went...
Little Girl: "What is wrong with him"?
Before I could say anything, Avery piped in...
Avery: "Nothing--he has CdLS".
Little Girl: "What is that"?
Avery: "That just means he is "SPECIAL" ".
Little Girl: "Oooh, he is cute!"
And she walked back to her table.....
So after this conversation, I asked Avery if he knew what CdLS meant and he said sure...."it just means Vinny is special and may be just a little bit different, but Mom eveyone is different, people are different colors, fat, skinny, short, tall, wear glasses, some even use wheelchairs to get around...thats all".
I am so proud of my boys...I had never "officially" sat down and had a conversation about what CdLS is. I guess they are just smart and have figured it out over the past nine months observing and listening to all of the talk about Vinny.
Vinny is the luckiest kid around to have such three wonderful brothers that love him so much!


  1. The little girl was right. He definitely is cute.
    Thanks so much for sharing this story. I love that your son said there is nothing wrong with him. He really does understand! :)

  2. You go Avery!!!! Love and Miss all you guys!

  3. You are very smart Avery! That is one terrific answer. Adorable picture of Vinny!

  4. wow!! i love it. you have one smart, compassionate, sweet, aware, understanding little cookie! and of course, that picture is so darn adorable!

  5. Good for Avery! What a great kid.
    BTW, I just found your blog. I have 4 sons too, and my 3rd (who turns 3 this week) has CdLS. My older 2 have been great with Ben, and don't hesitate to explain to other kids about the syndrome.
    Great photo of Vinny - I LOVE his glasses!

  6. Avery is a very wise and compassionate young man! Vinny is absolutely his glasses :-)

    I found your blog through Rachelle's (Joey's mom) and have been reading through the posts. Gorgeous photos BTW! Thanks for sharing the ones from the family gathering. It was great to see a photo of Baylee (her mom Christy was the first mom I had contact with after getting my daughter's diagnosis).

  7. That is so great! My oldest is 7 and he has a similar take on it as your boys do. Vinny looks like such a little man....he will be breaking hearts, I can handsome!