Friday, May 1, 2009

it's done!!!

It's finally done!! We were up and at the hospital bright and early this morning! Vinny went in and came out with in an hour. My good friend Cami was able to go back with Vinny to make sure everything went well (she is a nurse anesthesiologist). We are so thankful to finally get this darned G tube in his belly.

Anxiously waiting at 6:30 am

Had to get one last shot of the smooth tube free belly!

Vinny was quite pissed when he woke up!

I have to admit I am kind of freaked out by this big dangling tube from his belly... Will we even be able to put clothes on him? The doc said he will have this long tube for three months and then they will put a "Mic Key" button in? I am glad this is done and I know we will be happy to have the tube out of his nose and the G tube will be easier to use (that's what everyone says anyway). We will be at the Med Center for three days and will be able to go home on Monday.
Sorry for the yucky pics- took them with my cell phone. Got to run and get back to the hospital so Jim can sleep before he goes to work. Can't wait for Vinny to fully wake up and open his eyes so I can love all over him!
Notice how cute he looks with out the tube in his nose :)


  1. it will be a HUGE blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we always made sure that mason wore 'easy access' clothes with that long little tube! and you will get used to the little hose! :) it was tough for us at fist too..but my little one wouldn't be here without it!! i know what a relief it is to have it over and done!!

    hope he feels better soon and is able to eomc home soon!

  2. I'm glad everything went well with the surgery! He looks great with his face uncovered (of course he was cute before too).

    We had the mic-key from the beginning so I'm not that familiar with the other tube, but I would say STOCK UP on outfits with snaps up the entire front. Carters brand carries A LOT Of things that work really well for g-tubes. Two piece outfits also work but I prefer to have the snaps or overall outfits. Let me know if you need specific ideas, I can send you links.

    Good luck with this big change!

  3. Congrats! It really is no big deal, even though a tube dangling out of your little one's belly IS weird at first, I know. But it's so great to be able to see his little face!

    I don't know what it is, but my experience with all this G-tube stuff seems to have been a little different from a lot of others:

    1) I DON'T love the MicKey button: it leaks a lot and we (meaning us and the docs) can't figure out why. But I would say to be prepared with lots of bedding and waterproof pads.
    2) I atually prefer to keep Emma in onesies (buttons below the diaper) and snake the tube out through the side of her leg. This may be easier with an extension. Have you ordered Flexitraks yet? (little band-aide things that secure the tube to his side so it can't be accidentally pulled out by adoring brothers). I find that if the tube is secure, snaking it through the bottom of typical newborn clothing makes it less accessible. Emma has just started playing with hers and we can't really have her in all those cute little Carter's outfits with the buttons (like Heidi mentioned) because it's too close to those little arms! My point I guess would be to not run out and buy a whole new wardrobe until you find out how interested Vinny (and his brothers) are/is in the tube.

    Good Luck! I'm sure we'll see lots of pics of his adorable face in the near future! :)

  4. Aww, Staci your other boys are super cute too :o) Just wanted you to know that I DID stop by your blog as soon as I got, before I took my jacket off actually (did I mention that I have "blog issues"?!...ha ha!)

    Hope you have a good night. Looking forward to more "chatting" tomorrow...although, getting you a ticket out of there would be nice too!
    :o) Nurse Amanda

  5. Wow, seeing your photos brings back a lot of memories...I remember being so glad that we were able to see Ben's face without the NG tube. Vinny is very photogenic even with a camera phone.
    As for the MIC-KEY itself, we've had no major problems with it leaking or being pulled out until quite recently (Ben is 3), so lately we've been having to keep things out of reach. When Ben was younger we used those front-snap clothes quite effectively. Don't worry - you'll figure out what works best for Vinny and you.

  6. I have to agree with is such a blessing for us! The only time Mason had leakage problems was when it was sized wrong or he had a little granulation tissue. Other than that, it has been great. We had to wait the 3 months was still great..we just wore button up onsies for a while! Get better soon Vinny!!

  7. I'm so glad everything went well! Hope you all are home by now and Vinny is feeling better. He's adorable regardless, but its nice to see his sweet face tube-free :-)

  8. I hope everything is going well ~ I'm sure Vinny is home by now and feeling lots better.