Thursday, May 7, 2009

spring has sprung!!!

Spring has definitely sprung in our house! Life is good! Everyone if feeling good (knock on wood). The boys are crazy as ever, the cats are super playful, Vinny is as happy as can be, and I am loving all of the blooming flowers and green grass!

As most of you know, I LOVE my camera and photography! In my free time (what there is of it) I am reading and trying to educate myself on photography and how to become better at it. It is something that I have always had an interest in...and have become more "involved" with when my boys were born. Those of you who have been to my house have seen the wonderful pictures all over my walls that Kelley Ryden has taken! Amazing! I will never be as talented as her, but just want to have fun taking pictures of my boys and our life!

So enjoy some of the recent shots I have taken over the past week...

He never gets tired of looking at the camera...

Spring...yes the rabbits are breeding like crazy around here. The other day, Avery and his friend Jaren come walking in the house with three baby bunnies that they had found. Leo comes running in and said that they had found the bunnies momma asleep in the window well (as you can guess, she was not asleep...she did not survive her journey to the bottom of the well). So you know me and my love for animals, we had to pack up the baby bunnies and head on down to the Humane Society so we could make sure that they would be safe and be released back into the wild once they were bigger. The boys had fun playing "animal detectives" and saving the bunnies :)
For some reason Frankie is really "into" his green frog boots. He puts them on first thing in the morning and takes them off right before bed...

I am always taking pics of the kids, so I thought I would take advantage of trying out some of my skills on the blooming trees in the back yard.

The kittens have been happy and playful with all of the nice weather! Jasper (the black cat) our "dog cat" has even been having fun running through the sprinklers...he is so weird.

And of course my little "Whopper Woop Woop"...This is an official legal picture with out the NG tube. Things have been going well since we got back home from getting his G tube. He is still happy and eating his baby food and giggling at the boys. I have even started putting him in his crib to sleep (I am so proud of myself)!

The boys have been spending most of the days that we are home outside, enjoying the nice weather! Leo has been super good and not causing to much trouble...

Frankie on the other hand has been a whine butt and a challenge to get potty trained...but he is so danged cute and talks all the time and says the funniest things!

He tries so hard to be just like Avery and Leo...Here he is "cautiously" riding his scooter down the drive way. I hope all of you are enjoying spring as much as we are!

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  1. are getting ridiculously good at taking pics!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!!