Friday, May 22, 2009

let summer begin!


The boys could not be more excited to get their summer started! Avery and Leo both had their last day of school today...and are ready to begin summer!

Imaginary play is a big part of the boy's day! They love to "hunt" the bad guys in the back yard.

Frankie had his pillow and blanket outside in the 80 degree weather because he was "cold" :)

Today Leo graduated Pre-K at Duchesne Academy! He spent a wonderful 2 years here and has a great start for his future in Elementary school!

A very rare pic of me with Leo. Grandpa offered to get a quick one for us! I am so glad as I have very few pics with me and the boys...

Vinny says lets get ready to "kick" back and enjoy the summer!!


  1. I love the last photo. Looks like he's checking out his toesies!!

    We love get the badguys too. We even get the little girls to play along!

    Hope you have a great holiday!!!

  2. Fun pictures!

    Graduation days are fun. Nice picture of you and Leo.

    I love Vinny's picture.

    We don't start summer break until June 5th :(

  3. Great pictures! Pretend play is a great way to learn new things! I hope you all have a fantastic summer break!