Friday, May 29, 2009


We have sound! Vincent got his hearing aides today finally. I am so excited! I will admit, that when I first found out that he is mild to moderate hearing impaired and would need aides, I was disappointed. I kept thinking, one more thing to put on his little head.

As you can see, they look great on him. We went with clear ear molds and a brownish aide to blend in with his hair. I am impressed with how small these things are! I was imagining some big bulky contraption hanging off of his ears. Nope...He even can wear his glasses with out problems.

This is like a whole new world for him. He did not even cry once they were put on his ears and when we were messing around with them in the audiologists office. Avery went with me to get his aides fitted, and was just as excited as I was to get Vinners home to see how he would react with his environment.

It was so fun to get out his "sound" toys to see what he would do...It was amazing how he would follow the toy in different visual fields. Tonight we went out for pizza and I have to tell ya that I have not seen Vinny move his head around so much in my life! He was turning his head side to side and up and down. My parents could even tell a huge difference.

We have yet to try them out when all of the boys are home with the "normal" craziness going on! I hope the noise really doesn't make him deaf! So we are happy our little "bobble head" has his new hearing aides and will now be able to explore his environment in a new way.


  1. That's great! They do look good! They blend in really well.

    I was really excited on the day we got hearing aids too. I rang a little rattle toy and was so excited to immediately see responses I had never seen before.

    And don't worry too much about the amplification. They are programmed to compress really loud sounds and won't amplify them more.

  2. They do look great! Your post makes me want to go get aides for Emma NOW. Does he turn his head when you call his name? That's been the biggest thing for Emma is that she doesn't do that and it makes me sad.
    Congrats on seeing such a great improvement! Go Vinny!

  3. Congrats to Vinny! The hearing aides look great on him! I hope a whole new world opens up for him!

  4. That's awesome! I'm so glad you're already noticing a difference. We notice the same thing with Hope. She's so much more reactive to sound with her hearing aids on. And I think they look great. They really do blend in!

  5. How wonderful!! The hearing aides blend so well with his hair!!! What a blessing for him to be able to hear all the different sounds around him!! yay vinny!!

  6. so happy for you!!!!!
    my boy won't wear them just yet, maybe a year from now.