Friday, July 31, 2009

summer fun continues...

Leo is tough!

Last night he broke his clavicle...

You ask how?

The original story as told to the nurses and doctor is that Leo, Avery, and a neighbor friend were climbing on the outside of the trampoline...Avery who then went on the inside of the trampoline (it is netted) "accidentally" pushed Leo and Leo fell to the ground...

The story today is that Avery was doing a flip...Leo just fell off..."Avery didn't do anything"...Ya right?

This is how sweet, considerate, and caring Leo is...Avery got into some trouble over this incident and now Leo feels bad for him so he is changing the story up!

Poor kid he is so tough...

He has to wear this sling for 2-4 weeks.

The doctor said no rough housing, wrestling, jumping on the couch, or jumping off the couch to launch onto the bean bag (I secretly had her throw the last few in there).

We'll see how long this lasts?

Leo was in quite a bit of pain, but still had a smile on his sweet face!

Avery lost his front tooth. This was drama! He would not let us try to pull it out nor would he try to pull it out. This tooth was hanging on by a thread for over a week.

Finally it pretty much fell out when he bit into a piece of pizza.

He was excited to put the tooth under his pillow to see if the tooth fairy would come. He even set up a barricade to see if any of his stuffed animals got moved by the tooth fairy. "Just to see if she is real".

He asked me if the tooth fairy was real...

I told him as long as he believes...

That seemed to work for now...

I have been hanging out with all of these little people for most of the summer. It has been fun and crazy!

Jim's daughter Cydney flew back to Utah today. It was great to have her around for two weeks. I however had to learn real quick how to interact and entertain an 11 year old girl!

Lets just say it is VERY different than boys!

Frankie has been full of it lately!

Non stop talking...

He runs around most days like this...underwear, boots, and a t-shirt!

Oh well, at least he has clothes on...I should probably try harder at having him look more presentable, but now that he can get himself dressed I am not going to be to picky (at least until he starts preschool)!

Have a fun and safe weekend!!!


  1. Great post! Thanks for the update on your eventful summer!

  2. I hope Leo has a speedy recovery! And of course, siblings never have anything to do with what happens do they? lolSounds like you are having an adventurous summer!