Thursday, September 3, 2009

the first day

Today was the first day of Franklin's school career! Boy was he excited. As I was trying to get pics of the momentous moment, he would NOT stop talking!

Both boys getting ready to go.

Frank didn't even make it into the house awake from getting picked up...

When he woke up from his snooze, I told him to go potty and he accidentally got "it" all over himself while in the process of using the toilet.

I told him to go up and change and this is what he came down in. Avery's shorts and his shirt on backwards...I am proud of him for at least being able to dress himself...

Everyone is so excited that Vinny is starting to get the hang of sitting up! Grandpa came over today and immediately got the little guy down on the floor to watch Leo play.

Vinny thinking he is hot stuff!