Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sponge bob

Leo decided that he wanted Sponge bob macaroni and cheese for dinner...

As I was cooking it, I was feeding Vinny his little puff's and letting him play with the box...

For some reason I got an urge to try and feed Vin some of the mushed up noodles...

To my surprise he LIKED it??? What the heck? No gagging, wretching, or throwing up???

Guess I am going to be more daring with encouraging Vinny to try new foods!!!

Thanks Sponge bob!


  1. Yummy yummy! Joey loves mac and cheese too - we go for the Scooby Doo! Great job Vinny!

  2. Go Vinny go! Who doesn't like Mac n Cheese, particularly Sponge Bob Man n Cheese!