Thursday, January 21, 2010

bumps, bacon, brownies, birthdays

This is the smile that came after the big bang Frankie took into the corner of the counter....don't let his cuteness fool took a good 15 min. to get over the hurt!

So now he has a nice looking BUMP/bruise....his dad told him he looks "cool" now...


Odd I know...this is what Jim was feeding the boys for their "special treat" before bed?

I have learned to not to ask and just be thankful he is so great at getting them to bed!

Avery enjoyed almost a full week of celebrating his eighth BIRTHDAY...

On his actual birthday, we went to Grandpa and Grandma's for birthday cookie, presents, and spaghetti dinner...

Over the weekend, he had five of his friends spend the night for a loooong evening of laughter, food, movies, nerf guns, and wrestling!

The next day we went and played at Skate Daze and enjoyed a great game of Lazer Tag!

Funny of the day: Leo was playing quietly with his super heroes when I overheard him say "you are higher than a booger"!

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