Monday, February 1, 2010


The other day I was at Walmart doing my bi-weekly shopping with my small brood when I hollered out "Bear! -get over here and put your hand on the cart" (Frank was having a moment when he thought he should check out something while we were strolling down the bread isle). A lady near us turned and looked at me and asked "Bear?" I told her that was not his name, but his nickname....

I guess I really haven't put much thought into what our boys' "other" names are and how often we call them by their "other" I started to pay attention to it and it is actually more often than I thought.

We have called Avery "Bubba" and "Bean" since he was born...more often now a days he gets called "Bean"

Leo gets called "Lee Lee Love", "Weezer", and "Lilo"

Frankie is "Bear" or "Frank the Tank"

Vinny is "Whopper Whoop" or "Toddle Whop"
They sound kind of funny now that I am actually writing (typing) them out...
It's funny how no matter where we are or who we are around, when someone calls the boys by one of their nicknames, they actually turn around and answer...
I am sure you all have nicknames for your kiddos...
Would love to hear what they are...


  1. Emma is Emma "Bear" or just Bear, like Frankie. Charlie is Charles "Monster", you know, like Cookie Moster. Becky has had to explain herself, more than once, after calling Charlie Monster, expecially on the blog.

  2. I had to laugh Staci when I read this post - As I too call Alison by her nickname more often then I think she is Missy Moo and as you can imagine she is not too found of that anymore, but she responds quickly to it!