Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I took Vinny to the Eye Doc earlier last week for his yearly check up. If you remember back to when I first took him to the Eye Doc when he was 4 months old, he got his first pair of specs.

Well being the "awesome" mom that I am, I didn't have him wear them like he was supposed to. He slept alot back then, so I just didn't get them on him like I should have!

Now that he is older and more active, I figured I better get those bad boys on him! So off to the doc we went for his exam. The Doc was "amazed" at how well his vision improved! His vision completely corrected itself in his right eye! Astigmatism and all. "Amazing" "truly amazing" is what he said over and over!

Vinny's left eye still has astigmatism and is impaired (very nearsighted), so he needs to wear glasses to that his brain does not shut off vision to his left eye to see out of his good eye.

So here he is wearing them for the first (well actually second) time!

I was thrilled at the smile he gave!

The smile kept getting bigger and bigger!

The Doc said that Vinny should notice a "BIG" difference with the specs on. He also said that the first few days after he begins to wear them he would probably pull them off! We were instructed to put them right back on and be diligent about it!

As expected Vinny reached right up to take them off!

He also thought this was quite funny!!

They must have tasted good.

Back on they went! I sat with him for about a half hour and repeated this process---off--on---off--on!

This little guy is sure persistent!

I think eventually Vinny thought it was a game. He was giggling and laughing the whole time!

Check out his playful look! It was like he was teasing me!

Finally he decided that they should stay on.

Believe it or not, we have not had a problem with Vin taking them off again!

We are all happy about his new specs and think Vinny looks pretty cute in them!


  1. ADORABLE!! LOVE the new specs :o) He is so cute!

  2. I truly beleive he is the second cutest baby boy in the world!

  3. He is absolutely adorable! I just want to snuggle him! :)

  4. The ladies are going to be all over him! You're gonna have your hands full!

  5. OMG!! Cutest boy alive!! Ahhh, that smile---to die for! Thanks for sharing this special moment Stac! Kristin C.

  6. That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  7. Vinny is soooo adorable and what a little teaser with those glasses! So glad he's kept them on. He must notice that they make a difference. And again, what a CUTIE!

  8. He is the cutest little thing.I love his glasses.

  9. I just love seeing pictures of other children with CdLS. I guess it satisfies a bit of curiosity of what our Ella would look like if she were to grow older. These little angels will always have a special place in my heart. He's such a cute little boy!

  10. Awesome! He looks great. I am also so happy for you (not jealous--well maybe...) that your eye doc gave Vinny the rx for glasses so young. I want Blue to have them, but they wouldn't write me a script, they said he was too young. I know that 50% of kids with CdLS who need glasses won't wear them, so I wanted to get him used them them early.

    Anyhow, wonderful pictures! He is so cute. What a character!

  11. i can't take it. tooo dang cute. I LOVE VINNY!!