Monday, March 1, 2010

a stitch

Well 6 that is!

This is how we started out our morning today!

I took Frankie to the ER to have his "wound" looked at.

Wondering what happened?

The answer started out as an "I don't know"...

Then it came out that Leo and Frankie were wrestling and Frank hit his head on the cable outlet in the basement (it is now covered with Styrofoam)!

No crying! Nothing! Jim saw it when he looked at Frankie with blood running down his face!

I think Frankie got the most upset when I told him we were going to the Dr. to have his head looked at.

Waiting for the Doc.

I CAN NOT believe how brave this kid is! They wrapped him up in this papoose thing (to hold his arms down and keep him still)...he didn't cry or try and get out of it!

Just laid there with his eyes closed! I saw one little tear when the Doc began numbing his "wound".

They then covered his face with this sterile sheet...still no crying! Unbelievable! If that was Leo or Avery, they would have been wigging out by now!

In the end it was all worth it because he scored this cute little puppy (he named him "Poncho")

After two hours and 6 stitches, this is how we left the ER! The nurses were surprised that they didn't hear a peep out of him (me too)!

I love you brave Frank! You are so amazing!

Whew! What a start to the week!

Hope you have a great one!


  1. Good heavens! Well, at least it is all okay in the end. he was very brave!!

  2. what an adorable, BRAVE little man! glad to hear everyone is ok!

  3. Those darn [steal your heart no matter what] boys. So glad he's ok...way to be brave, dude! And he is way cute.

    BTW, love that you snapped photos through this.