Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This look that Vinny has on his face is about how I feel right now...

Not happy...

Not sad...

Just trying to figure things out!

On Monday, Vinny graduated from the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Clinic (day treatment)!

After 7 weeks of intense treatment and hard work, I am happy to say that Vinny has learned how to swallow and is able to eat 16 different types of food!

Quite an accomplishment with going into the program being mostly 100% G tube fed!.

This week the therapists are coming into our home twice a day to watch Vinny's feeds and assisting us with the transition from the program into our home.

Currently Vinny is being fed at 9am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm.

It has become somewhat overwhelming for me as each session takes so much time and preparation. It is IMPERATIVE that we stick to this schedule to ensure Vincent's success.

With our crazy life style and four boys, I am finding that we are having to be very structured with our days.

I know I shouldn't feel like a failure for wanting to back up and work on just three sessions a day so that I can focus on the other boys and activities that we have going on, but I just can't help it!

From what I am beginning to understand, outpatient (we will be attending one time a week for 1 hour) moves much slower and fewer changes are made with Vinny's program.

Goals are visited every three months with the end goal being that Vinny is eating and drinking age appropriate foods! So the next two years will be focused on achieving that one goal.

Jen and Missy are the two main feeding therapists that have spent many hours working with Vincent!

I think it is funny that Vinny is so excited over the graduation gift of a feeding spoon and cup!

This is Katie and Riley...

They are ready to graduate this week as well...

It has been so nice to have another mom to connect with and share worries, hopes, and success with! Who ever thought I would be so danged excited over a swallow or getting through a session without vomit?

I thought we had the hard part over with since we graduated the eight week program, but I am thinking that the hard part has just begun!

It is going to take structure, routine, determination, and strength on our part to help our little guy be successful with his feeding! I know we can do it with patience and time.

Enjoy this video that Jen put together for us...it will give you an idea of how far Vinny has come in eight weeks! AMAZING!

On a side note---we just returned from the CdLS conference in Dallas Texas...

I have many many many pictures to share of some beautiful children and families and so much to say about our experience!

I will be posting soon after I get through some of the hundreds of pictures that I took!


  1. Staci,
    That is so exciting! I loved seeing all of that. I can TOTALLY get how excited you were! We left the ENT yesterday and it was the first time in a long time I left a DR(not therapist)feeling like Savannah was on track! She was in the sound booth with aids on and heard EVERYTHING! Prior to the aids she never looked once at the speakers or crazy clapping monkey! I was on a high and still am!
    So maybe next time we see you all, Vinnie can celebrate with eating cake and Savannah will hear everyone screaming, "WAY TO GO!!!!"
    Looking forward to your pics!

  2. Vinny is doing an awesome job!! Loved the video! I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for you though, but please don't ever feel like a failure...its a lot of hard work. I remember when we had in-home behavior therapy with Jess and the therapist was here for hours EVERY day and thats all we did the whole time...forget fixing dinner, getting the laundry done, anything! I thought that would never end, LOL! And I only had two kids to worry about. It's worth it in the end...but the "getting there" sure can be rough :-)

  3. Hi,

    We are from dallas, tx..My son is six years old and is on pureed food. He is tube fed at night to supplement. He has difficulty chewing. I came across your blog when I was searching for Monroe Meyer feeding Clinic. Is it a good program. Is it in patient or outpatient??