Friday, July 23, 2010

happy Friday

Another busy and chaotic week down! 


Welcome the weekend!

Things that made me happy this week....

*head massage and haircut

*a nap

*Frank being silly

*dirty boy = fun at summer camp

*Frank crying over absolutely nothing makes me laugh :)

*Frankie dressing himself- note two different colored shoes, crooked pants and the lovely glasses

*my first child Salli happily soaking up the heat and humidity


*the boys having fun in our little backyard pool

What made you happy this week?


  1. reading your post and seeing the pics of the BOYS

  2. Wow, the head massage sounds wonderful! Love all the pics. Frankie is stylin' !! :-)

  3. That post made me happy too. Your boys are so cute. And I swear, Staci, you should be stylist. LOVE that "Chicks dig Pink" t-shirt. Will you come dress my kids and me (and Joel too)? :)

    So glad you're having such a good summer!

    Oh, and what made me happy this week? Oscar sleeping for seven straight hours last night -- heaven! -- and Hope gazing into Oscar's eyes while she chomped on a toothbrush.