Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have dreamed of the day that Vinny would be "curious" in the world around him!

He is ever so more curious now than he has ever been...

Little tiny things catch his eye...

He tries to get as close as he can to see it, touch it, and even...

pick it up to inspect it!

*Vinny you amaze me every day*


  1. He is such and amazing little guy Staci!! I just want to squeeze him!!!!

  2. Vinny is so freaken cute I want to scoop him up and kiss him!! Everytime I see him he brings a smile to my face. Vinny is my little rock star and he dresses to fit the part, lol. Sending love your way from Miss Sophia and I!

  3. and if he is anything like my Garrett -- he gives the little things his undivided attention until he has looked at it from every possible angle -- it may take him longer to explore things and understand things, but when he does, he knows it inside and out