Monday, August 2, 2010


It happened today!

The dreaded R word...

From my boy's mouths!

I was in Vinny's room getting him ready for bed while the big boys were in the tub...

I overheard one of them call the other the "R" word as they were horse playing around!

My heart stopped and then leaped up into my throat!

For a second I pretended like I didn't hear them say it...

I told myself that my boys would NEVER say it as we have talked about the R word before and even role played what to say to others if they over hear one of their peers saying it.

As I looked into my sweet little Vin's smiling face, tears came running down...

I am glad I had a few moments to gather my thoughts...

After getting Vin and Frank in bed, I gathered my big boys up on my bed to have a talk...

I was proud of myself for not getting mad or to emotional.

They explained to me that while at summer camp today they were playing basketball with a few of the older kids who started calling each other the R word...

We discussed how God has chosen our family for Vinny and he expects us to set examples and teach others about people who are extra "special"!

After explaining again to them what the R word meant and how bad it can hurt people, it was like a light bulb went on for them.

They both looked at me and said "Ooh" I get it now, that is like calling Vinny the R word"...

So we role played several times with each of the boys about what they would say to someone in different situations...

WOW that was one conversation that was difficult for me! I am sure it is just the beginning of many in the years to come.

I truly hope that my boys will be good role models and teachers for others!

Sometimes the growing pains of living with CdLS hurts, but the growing pains are a constant reminder what a special little boy God has given us!

So Please Please Please take a moment out of your day to talk to your little ones and school agers about the R-word! Now is a great time to do it with school just getting ready to start!

Check out this web site for more education and to actually take the pledge- have your littles take the pledge as well!


  1. Loved what you had to say Staci! This brought tears to my eyes...I read your blogs, your have so much strength! You are such a great mother!!!!

  2. Well done you for coping with this! I think of little Vinny so often - my 3 year old daughter loves looking at all the pictures. Our little boys are a true gift from God and we are indeed blessed to have them :-) x

  3. Wow.. going to pass this on.. thing is.. I think it is more adult age that need the reminder!
    You are a great mom!

  4. You rock - thanks so much for sharing! It breaks my heart to think about kids calling EG names when she is older. And it is our duty to educate!!!

  5. Hugs. I know how it hurts to hear this, but coming from siblings....well just got to be twice as hard. You handled this so beautifully and are an example for everyone. THank you!

  6. I've had to talk with my boys about that word also. Like you it hurt to hear it come from them but after a little explaining the understood. Our kids are amazing and what amazing men they'll become one day. We can't change the way the world thinks but we can make a difference by empowering our children with knowledge, compassion, and understanding.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the R word story.. how very touching and I am just thrilled that you role play with your boys and teach them so they can teach others that EVERYONE is special!! I hope Vinny is doing well with his eating. Makenna is doing fine. She had eye muscle and ear drum patching surgery last week at Children's and now is home and is recovering well. School starts this week.. hope to hear from you soon!!
    Sheri Bryant

  8. Staci, your family is a true gift from God. My family is so lucky to have you guys as friends. Your blog definitely has me in tears as to how great of a mom you are. I've had this discussion with Alex already from when you first had mentioned it on here and we will continue to keep spreading the word to end the "R" word. Love ya're such an awesome mom!