Monday, March 21, 2011

"My Friend Vinny"

The following is an assignment that was completed by one of the boy's that we carpool with.  He was kind enough to share it with me, so I could share it with you!

My Friend Vinny

Cute, funny, and lovable.  These words describe a little, baby boy named Vincent, but we call him Vinny.

If you were to see this wonderful boy, you'd feel so touched. 

He has long brown hair that curves into an awesome mohawk. 

He's also got beautiful brown eyes that glisten very bright.

Also, Vinny has a smile that makes you feel fantastic!

Vinny may be cute, but he was also born with CdLS (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome).

The people who have this syndrome, strongly resemble each other.

They may seem to look to have eyebrows that grow together, a short nose, long eyelashes, and downturned lips.

This may also include feeding difficulties.

Although Vinny has a syndrome, he's also got these really fun brothers, Avery, Leo, and Frankie.

These boys are funny, and give me entertainment during the car rides. 

I hope you know just how important Vinny is to me.

By Jalen N.
5th Grade

It continues to amaze me how many people's lives Vinny has actually touched! He is a constant reminder to me just how lucky I am to have him in my life!

Have a great week!


  1. Awwwwe! That's so sweet! That Jalen seems pretty cute, too!

  2. That just brought tears to my eyes! Vinny keep up the good work at tugging on people's heart strings in order to teach others, not only about CdLS, but about love, compassion, and humanity! You are a role model to all, and, apparently, a good friend to Jalen! <3

  3. Had to post all the wonderful comments this post got on FaceBook...

    *the sweetest, I love it, How sweet, That is wonderful, How sweet is that? Love it! That's awesome!

    *Staci, so awesome. You should totally sent that into the foundation so they could put it in Reaching Out. So many times we only consider our points of view as adults/parents. It was really refreshing to read the ideas of a young child on his friend with CdLS and how it has affected his wonderful!!

    *The sweetness and innocence of childhood is a reminder for all of us. What a great kid. Thanks for sharing.

    *Wow! I bet that mae your day! What a great kid!

    *Tears...people talk about how the world is full of heartless people...but maybe that is why Vinny, Emma, Savannah, and all the other sweet CdLS kids and others are here...reminder that those precious loving people are out there. You need to send that into your mayor for CdLS awareness day!