Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oak Valley

I was fortunate enough to have a few hours to spend in Vinny's preschool classroom yesterday.

He has a fabulous teacher who has three wonderful para's in the room to help out!

Vinny has his own  chair to sit in when the class is participating in seated activities.  In this picture, Vinny is using the Big Mac switch to tell the class his name.

This is the schedule for the day...

Vinny's para is offering him two choices to decide which play station he would like to go to...

Of course he chose to go to music.

Vinny's grandpa got to spend the morning in the classroom with me...

He couldn't resist  playing with the other kids.

Vinny got to be the weather helper this day.

Playing music with his para.

 Vinny's locker.

He looked so big to me sitting in an actual chair!  His feet almost touched the floor.

Vinny and his teacher working on putting items in the cups.  

His teacher helping him make his name card.  She was giving him two choices.  Vinny would actually reach out and point to one of the cards of stickers.

 Check out all of these equipment options!  Vinny will be using the Pony Gait Trainer just like we have at home.

Kicked back reading (chewing) on books.

Playing outside in the gait trainer.

 Practicing walking with the PT and OT.

 Playing on the equipment.  I am surprised he allowed the PT to help him walk through it! 

Overall, I was very pleased to spend the morning at his school.  Everyone seemed so helpful and interested in Vinners!  I think I am going to like this preschool thing after all.  I hope that school will provide him with new opportunities to learn and grow!

As I was leaving the building, I walked out of his classroom and saw this teacher wearing this t-shirt!   This just re enforces my decision to send him to Oak Valley.  What a great school even though it is clear across town from us!

 I have to have one of these shirts, so I spoke with the gym teacher who put me in contact with the director of Youth and School Programs for the Special Olympics.  I am currently speaking with her about different programs that she gets into the schools......

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  1. Wonderful! Vinny is SO like Sonny in his mannerisms too! The kicking back, one leg crossed over the other, chewing a book - Sonny's favourite!
    The pre-school looks amazing! <3