Thursday, August 18, 2011


We did it!  Vinny and I made it through his first day of preschool...

I thought this is how I would be most of the day, but I surprised myself by only tearing up when I put him on the bus!

Our day started out early...

Everybody was so excited (anxious in my case) for Vinny!  Grandpa had to come over and help see him off on the bus...

It is amazing how vulnerable you can feel knowing that you are turning your helpless, dependent, non verbal child over to others who do not know him!

Thankfully Vinny's amazing nanny Tina volunteered  to follow him to school and spend the morning with him and help educate the teachers on his quirky ways.

More about Tina another day....

She deserves a blog post all of her own.

Vinny didn't seem to mind being strapped long as he had his sucky and woobie.

This is Gwen the bus driver. 

There is also an aide that rides on the bus to help out if needed.

Both seemed really nice and are already in love with Vinny.

Tina reported that everything went great and Vinny seemed to do ok in the classroom.

One of these next few days, I am going to sneak up to his class and observe how he does.

When Vinners got home, he was pretty tired and just chilled out with Leo on the couch.

Leo was all over him and said he was worried about Vinny all day.

So all in all, I think we both made it through the day just fine.

I feel so much less stressed about preschool. 

Just one more change in the routine out of the way.  My life seems to be so unsettled lately.  Definitely looking forward to getting into a new "normal" whatever that may be.

I will post soon with pictures of the other boy's first day of school pictures!


  1. Great pictures! Glad Vinny had a great first day of school!

  2. So glad things went well. I COMPLETELY understand how nerve-wracking it all is. I felt the same way about Hope, especially when it came to the bus (she wouldn't have had an no aide on her bus, unless it was medically necessary, so we decided to drive her). But it's been such a good thing for her -- and us. Good luck! The school looks great. Is it a mainstreamed school? Hope goes to a school specifically for kids with special needs and sometimes I wonder how she'd do in more of a mainstreamed setting. Go Vinners!