Wednesday, August 3, 2011

it's been awhile mom!

Avery said to me today that it has "been awhile" since I posted on the blog. 

Apparently he checks it regularly when he gets on the computer at his grandparents house.

Life has been some what crazy and not routine for us lately. 

This summer has flown by with birthdays and vacation.

I am hoping that soon we will have a "new normal", whatever that may mean! 

I feel like my head has been somewhat scrambled and searching for normalcy in our lives....

I am beginning to think there is no "normal" anymore?

I try to remind myself daily to  be happy and live life for what it is and appreciate what I have right now!

I tend to forget that at times...

Life will move forward with or without you....

My boys are growing up so fast!  School is starting in less than two weeks!

My "Little Bear" will be starting kindergarten...unbelievable.  Frankie has been by my side for the past three years going to therapies, appointments, and taking naps with me.

Vinners will be starting school as well.  As of now he will be going two days a week.  I am excited for him, but apprehensive. 

I am certain he will thrive and show me that he is ready.  Only if I felt that way.

I know that soon my head will unscramble it self and life will settle into a "new normal" routine.  I continue to remind myself to be patient!

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